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Orca OR-124 neoprenska torba + remen za 7″ monitor

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The new and innovated Orca bags 7″ monitor system includes a special carrying strap and a bag for all the monitor accessories.
The strap is made by thick neoprene.

When the strap is rolled over the monitor it gives the monitor protection from “hits” and screeches! When the strap is open, it goes over the head and is used as a padded strap to hold the monitor. The strap have a 1/4″ to be attached to the monitor. A center zipper helps to set the monitor on any user and the two webbing with hooks and loops sets the monitor in the needed position. The special pocket at the bottom of the strap, helps to contain the 7″ monitor .

The complete strap goes inside a small neoprene bag for extra security.
The neoprene pouch have two compartments. One to store the monitor and the strap and a second pocket to hold the monitor hood and small accessories. The system is coming with a shoulder strap, extra 15.8″( 40 cm) hoop and loop with double sided glue, hood for monitor and 1/4″ screw.

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