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Lastolite Chromakey pozadina 3x3,5m (zelena)

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€225,64 - €225,64
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Lastolite's Chromakey Curtain 3m x 3.5m (10' x12'). Chromakey has been used in film and cinema production as a tool to mix two or more images together in all aspects of the art. It is increasingly used in digital photography to cut and paste a subject onto a background.

Boja: Zelena
Torba: Da

Dužina: 300cm
Širina: 350cm
Težina (bez torbe): 1370g

Složena dubina: 10 cm
Složena visina: 41cm
Složena širina: 69 cm
Težina s torbom: 1676g

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