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Dry Keeper is a special container designed to protect your items from mildew, deterioration and damages caused by high humidity. The orange spherical Silica Gel is composed of a naturally occurring mineral silicon dioxide that is purified and processed into a beaded form.
When the beads are dry, they appear orange in color. When they have become saturated with moisture to about 15-20% by weight, the beads will change into a light blue color.
To verify if the Dry Keeper is still working, check the color: the orange Silica Gel turns to blue to indicate its complete exhaustion. Silica Gel can be regenerated by heating in the oven for 1-2 hours at 100°C (212°F).
Disidry’s Orange Indicating Silica Gel is a non-toxic, pollution-free desiccant.

Why using Dry Keeper?

It absorbs moisture inside the case
The silica gel contained has highly dehydrating properties
It protects your accessories, preventing them from being damaged by external agents
It reduces condensation phenomena

Fits all cases, empties, with foam or with different internal layouts.

Do not swallow.
Do not warm in a microwave.
Do not touch when hot.
Do not open.

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