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Datacolor - SpyderX2 Photo Studio™

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Datacolor® Spyder X2 Photo Studio is the ultimate color management tool kit for photographers, providing all the essentials needed to precisely manage color in your workflow from capture through editing, in any lighting condition. Convenient and cost-effective, a workflow with Spyder X2 Photo Studio’s products can look like this:

  • Start with Spyder LensCal to calibrate your camera with your interchangeable lenses.
  • Next, use Spyder Cube to set white balance and RAW conversion. Unlike a grey card, Spyder Cube lets you set absolute white and zero black values along with defining your neutral grey.
  • Then, use Spyder Checkr for next-level color precision with an HSL-Preset you can load and apply to your entire image series via editing software.
  • Finally, calibrate your monitor with Spyder X2 Ultra. In under 2 minutes you’ll have an accurately color-calibrated monitor, including most HDR/high-brightness monitors up to 2000 cd/m2.

Spyder LensCal
A fast, portable, and easy-to-use target to ensure cameras and lenses are working together optimally.

Spyder Cube
Provides a perfect reference point for contrast ratio in lighting for your shots – something you can’t do with just a grey card.

Spyder Checkr
Ensure color accuracy and consistency across multiple cameras and lenses in any lighting condition.

Spyder X2 Ultra
Ensure color accuracy and consistency by calibrating your monitor (in under 2 minutes!) including high-brightness monitors up to 2000 cd/m2.

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