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Datacolor - SpyderCube™ siva karta

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Accelerate RAW processing by taking one reference shot under any light condition to set the white balance, exposure, black level and brightness right from the start for your entire series of photos.

Why use the SpyderCUBE?

When creating digital photographs, you need to tell the software what the color temperature of the image is, measured in Kelvin. Every light source has a different Kelvin value, for example, the sun typically has a value of 5500-6500K while a fluorescent light can be anywhere from 3200
-7500K and your typical household tungsten bulb can range from 2500-2900K and strobes are about 5200K. With such a wide range of color temperatures in your everyday photographic environments, you need a constant to show the software what neutral is.
The SpyderCUBE is also very useful in post processing to help set your contrast range properly.

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