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Cardellini End Jaw

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€137,37 - €137,37
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Fixed jaw at the end of the shaft opposite the baby pin
Jaw width: 7,62cm (3")
Jaw capacity: 5,08cm (2")
Shaft length: 17,78cm (7")

The Cardellini 2E End Jaw Clamp has a fixed jaw at the END of the shaft opposite the baby pin, making it possible to slip the clamp into tight spaces (for example: when hanging a light from a ceiling pipe).
It also works best in situations where you are holding something with the clamp and putting the pin into a stand. (for example: goal posts, branches, mirrors, bounce cards, or for bracing the camera).
The Cardellini 2E End Jaw Clamp can easily grab a multitude of shapes and objects with it's secure grip.
Rubber pads on the Jaw Clamps are replaceable.

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