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MARUMI Macro Close up lens set MC (+1 +2 +4) 62mm

by Marumi
SKU MRFT-59062
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€72,70 - €72,70
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You may miss the point when you come closer to a flower or other small object to take a picture of it. Haven't you had such an experience?
At such times, "Close-up lens" mounted on the lens will enable close-up shooting.

The close-up lens mounted on the lens will shorten the minimum focus distance, enabling you to, in effect, come closer to an object for close-up photography.

Unlike a zoom lens with a macro, it can be used in the entire zoom area. You can take a picture at any magnification by zooming even at the same distance from the object.

Comes with x3 filters
- Allows focusing closer than a basic lens.
- The lenses can be used individually or in any combination to achieve ultra-close focus.
- Excellent for Hobbyists.
- High-Quality for ColourCore Glass
- Black Aluminium Filter Ring
- The maximum magnification achieved with these attachments will depend on the focal length of your lens as well as the actual close focusing capability of that particular lens.
- A +1 close-up lens will allow you to focus your lens somewhat closer than it already does;
- A +2 close-up lens will allow you to focus closer that the +1;
- A +4 lens will allow you to focus even closer than a +2.
- A +1 combines with a +2 will equal a +3, while a +2 combined with a +4 will equal a +6, and so on.

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