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MARUMI DHG VARI-ND (ND2-ND400) filter 82mm

by Marumi
SKU MRFT-100082
Original price €154,24 - Original price €154,24
Original price
€154,24 - €154,24
Current price €154,24
This is the Marumi DHG Variable ND2-ND400 Filter

The Marumi DHG Vari ND2-ND400 filter allows continuously variable light adjustment through from ND2 to ND400. With one single filter the user can create different densities by rotating the filter in the same way as using a Polarising Filter. Digital Camera Magazine has awarded the Vari ND Filters their Gold Award. The filter enables the photographer to use lower shutter speeds under very bright sunlight without altering the colour tone of the picture.

Adjustable ND2-ND400 light control
Ultra thin screw thread black aluminium frame design
Japanese optics and original light reducing material construction

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