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Marumi DHG Super ND 1000 (3.0) filter 82mm

by Marumi
SKU MRFT-088145
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€125,54 - €125,54
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Marumi is pleased to announce launching of high density ND filters “DHG Super ND 500 (2.7) &]amp; ND 1000 (3.0)”. As well as DHG ND series, the neutral color balance keeps the original color of the images. In addition, our DHG Super ND 500 (2.7)&]amp; ND 1000 (3.0) have Water and Oil Repellent Coating to make it comfort to shoot around water side.
ND500 (2.7) reduces light amout to 1/500 which is equivalent to 9 stop, ND 1000 (3.0) reduces light amout to 1/1000 which is equivalent to 10 stop. The high density will support creative photographers who are willing to capture long exposure images daytime.

Key Features
•Low Reflection Coating -to avoid ghosting &]amp; flare

•Blackened Outer Rim of the Glass -to prevent internal reflections

•Satin Finish -to prevent internal reflections •Knurling on the frame -for easy use

•Slim Frame -to avoid vignetting

•Water &]amp; Oil Repellent Coating -for easy use

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