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Manfrotto MS0490C NANOpole karbonski stativ za rasvjetu

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The Carbon Nanopole Stand is Manfrotto's lightest Nano Stand ever, tailored to image makers that are looking for ways to downsize their gear and travel lighter.

Weighing in at only 750g* thanks to its lightweight aluminium base and carbon fibre column the Carbon Nanopole Stand is the perfect support for small lighting equipment up to 1.5kg such as speedlights and LED lights which are commonly the kit of choice for the weight conscious creatives working in and out of the studio.

This lightweight lighting support not only provides users with the perfect stand when shooting on the move, this product is manufactured in Italy to the highest standards providing assurance of quality craftsmanship and materials that customers can rely on.

The compact folded length of just 51cm makes the Carbon Nanopole Stand suitable for carry-on luggage or ideal for those with very limited carrying space. It even slides neatly into the tripod pouch on the side of most camera bags to ensure the user can keep their kit compact and travel light without compromising on their lighting kit requirements.

The Carbon Nanopole Stand features a useful levelling leg, allowing the user to maintain a stable vertical lighting support even in challenging environments such as uneven ground, inner city streets or even rocky hillsides. For added safety the base also features a hook to be used with a sandbag in order to weigh it down when used outdoors. This versatile light stand features multiple attachment options including a stainless steel 16mm (5/8'') spigot with a 3/8'' thread plus a removable 1/4'' thread adapter allowing secure attachment of a wide range of lighting tools.

The light weight characteristics of the Carbon Nanopole Stand is thanks to the removable carbon fibre centre column featuring quick release twist locks, which can also be used as a hand held boom in order to position lights exactly where they are needed.

*750g without 1/4'' adapter

Model: MS0490C
Materijal baze: Aluminij
Materijal izvlaka: Karbon
Boja: Crna
Spojni priključak: 5/8" trn (16mm) sa 3/8" navojem
Broj izvlaka: 5
Maks. visina: 197.0cm
Min. visina: 61.0cm
Visina (skupljeni): 5.0cm
Promjer izvlaka cent.cijevi:Ø 25, 22, 19, 16, 13 mm
Promjer cijevi noge:
Radijus nogu: maks. 100cm
Maksimalna nosivost: 1,5 kg
Težina: 780g
Garancija: 24 mj
Proizvedeno: Italija

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