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Manfrotto MVK504X 536 SINGLE LEG stativ + torba

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This video system includes the Manfrotto 504X Fluid Video Head and the 536 Single Leg Carbon Tripod.
The Manfrotto 504X fluid video head with flat base features the new Manfrotto fluid technology which allows smoother operation and unrivalled stability in both pan and tilt movements. It presents a 4-step counterbalance system that can take loads of up to 6.5 kg at 55 mm C.O.G.The tripod head is made from a brand-new catching aluminium design and has a maximum payload of 12 kg.
It is a compact and light head with a flat base (base diameter 75 mm), that lets you choose from a wide variety of different shooting options. It also features two 3/8” Easy Link connectors, equipped with an anti-rotation function that enables the fitting of external monitors or other accessories. A cap fits over the easy link, to avoid cutting during use. The sliding plate attachment and side-lock mechanism allows safe, quick and easy camera attachment.
The 536 features an aluminum casting 100mm bowl and it comes with an aluminum adapter that converts the bowl into a 75mm, perfect in combination with the 504X head for fast levelling and precision. Thanks to its four section design, you can easily set up and disassemble in a flash, so you’ll never waste time on a shoot.
The tripod enables you to select the exact angle that suits you thanks to the leg angle selector. Together with the head you can move smoothly up and down, from 40.5cm to 217.5cm.
Supplied with its own padded carrying bag.

Model: 536

Materijal: Karbon

Boja: Crna

Broj izvlaka: 3

Polukugla: 100mm + adapter 75mm

Okrugla libela na stativu: ne

Cent.cijev: ne

Noga: jednostruka

Diam. noge: 24.8 , 29,2 . 34.2 , 39mm

Maks. visina: 203 cm

Min. visina: 26 cm

Visina (skupljeni): 72 cm

Kut nogu: 23°, 50°, 70°

Maks. radna temperatura: 60°C

Min. radna temperatura: -30°C

Maksimalna nosivost: 25 kg

Težina: 3400g

Garancija: 24 mj

Proizvedeno: Italija

Specifikacija glave:

Model: MVH504x

Tip: video fluidna glava

Materjal: Aluminij

Boja: Crna

Brza izmjena: Da

Sist.pločica: 504PLONGER-1

Navoj pločice: 1/4"

Navoj postolja: 3/8"

Promjer postolja: 75mm

Libela: 1x

Neovisni pan lock: da

Neovisni tilt lock: da

Horiz. pomak: -70° / +90° (raspon)

Tilt. drag: fluid ulošci sa fiksnim otporom

Pan. drag: fluid ulošci sa fiksnim otporom

Pan. rotatacija: 360°

Maks. radna temperatura: 60.0°C

Min. radna temperatura: -30.0 °C

Ručice uključene: Da. 1x

Easy link priključak: Da, 1x:

Maks. nosivost: 12kg

Težina: 3kg

Visina: 14.9 cm

Garancija: 24 mj

Proizvedeno: Italija

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