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Laowa 4mm F2.8 Fisheye (Sony E)

by Laowa
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Presenting an immensely wide field of view within a truly compact package, the Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye provides a huge 210° angle of view for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras. As a circular fisheye, this lens is characterized by its noticeable distortion and bulb-like visual appearance. The greater-than-180° angle of view also enables making full 360° stitched panoramas with just two shots. The lens also sports a bright f/2.8 design for working in available lighting conditions and its manual focus design permits working with subjects as close as 8cm away for true close-up shooting. Additionally, the fisheye design retains almost full depth of field when stopped down to f/5.6 for consistent and even sharpness.

Prikazana cijena je za virmansko/gotovinsko plaćanje sa uključenim popustom i PDV-om.

Ukoliko plaćate karticama cijena je: 2.400,00 KN.

Model: Laowa 4mm/2.8 Fisheye
Sony E-mount

Boja: Crna
Podržani bajonet:
Sony E-mount
Žarišna duljina: 4mm
Maks. otvor blende: 2,8
Min. otvor blende: 16
Podržani format senzora:
Sony E-mount
Kut gledanja: 210°
Najbliža udaljenost fokusiranja: 8cm
Maksimalno povećanje: 0.11x
Maksimalan omjer povećanja: 1:9
Konstrukcija (elementi/skupine): 7/6
Broj listića blende: 7
Optički stabilizator: Ne
Autofokus: Ne
Nosač objektiva za stativ: Ne
Dimenzije: 45,2x 25,5mm
Težina: 135g
Promjer filtera:

Garancija: 36mj

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