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JJC Difuzor za bljeskalicu Canon 430EX 430EX II

by JJC
Original price €10,00 - Original price €10,00
Original price
€10,00 - €10,00
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This unique product attaches to a flash in seconds, without the use of Velcro. You just snap it onto the zoom head of your flash and you're done! Because of its unique construction, this flash bounce can be used with lens focal points from 15 mm.

When the head of a flash unit is raised about 30 degrees, the flash light reflects from all sides around the subject, preventing drop shadows. Also, direct flash light is nicely softened, preserving details in light areas and rendering skin tones realistically. Obtaining realistic skin tones while flashing without a softbox can be quite challenging. The flash bounce is also a problem solver for taking macro photos.

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