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Datacolor SpyderPRINT™ kalibrator za printer

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From Display to Print Matching
Both display and printer calibration are essential to provide a base for matching prints to your display. Asses images reliably and adjust on a properly calibrated display &]amp; printer. Get a true-to-life reproduction of image files. Reduce wasted paper and ink with your printed output. Only after calibration, images can be viewed and edited with confidence.

Printer-Ink-Paper Profiles
Have the ability to create profiles for your printer, ink, and paper combinations. Simply install the software, print your choice of targets, then step through the easy process to calibrate and build a profile. The SpyderProof feature provides images to help you evaluate detail and compare images. Additional features in our software make it easy to adjust profile settings and get the best possible output.

Profiling Speed and Accuracy
The spectrocolorimeter delivers custom profiles in minutes with EZ targets for color and black &]amp; white. Convenient readings of printed targets assisted by the SpyderGuide help you create profiles easily and accurately. Usability is improved with the step-by-step process. Thanks to the program, you can follow the calibration of targets swiftly and build a profile effortlessly.

This function gives you a series of carefully selected images to evaluate detail from a photographer’s point of view. It’s available for each unique printer profile that you create, providing you with a soft-proofing tool invaluable in managing your printed output

Complete Control
Advanced controls are included in the color and black &]amp; white tinting curves in your image editor, allowing the application of adjustments to the profile rather than to each individual image. The Extended Grays Target enables you to add precision gray and near gray data to profiles, enhancing the quality of tinted and black &]amp; white prints.

Extensive Editing Functions
Flexible target options and high patch profiling targets produce “gallery quality prints” in color or black &]amp; white. Easily select pre-built or custom sets of advanced profile settings to produce profiles with specific combinations of highlight and shadow tint, detail, and neutrality settings.

Wat you get:
  • SpyderPRINT Spectrocolorimeter and Base
  • SpyderGuide
  • 6′ USB cable
  • SpyderPRINT Software CD
  • Quick Start Guide (in 10 languages)
  • 1-year warranty (for countries of the EU, the period is 2 years)
  • Free Online Support

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