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Caruba Magic Arm 7" With Rotary Knob

by Caruba
SKU CRPR-D122582
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Caruba Magic Arm 7" With Rotary Knob
The Caruba Magic Arm 7" With Turning Knob is a flexible arm which makes it able to mount different accessories to your camera. For example, you could mount an external monitor or light to your camera. The arm is attachable to your camera with the hot shoe connection and is provided with two standard 1/4" screw thread connections. The arm has a length of 18cm and has a sturdy lock knob that is easy to unlock.
  • Flexible arm with a length of 18cm
  • Mount accessories to your camera
  • With hot shoe and two 1/4" screw thread connections
  • Sturdy and easy unlockable turning knob

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