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Tokina FIRIN 20mm F2 FE MF SONY E


Firin je 20mm FF objektiv namjenjen Sony fotoaparatima koji koriste E-bajunet. 

Name’s origin 
Fírin is a variation of Fírinne, the Old Irish word for “truth,” which was coined during the Gaelic Revival in the late 19th Century. It means, “that which is real.” It signifies “being true to someone or something.” And it represents a promise from Tokina to photographers to help them capture the truth in their images with this revolutionary new lens. 

With FíRIN, photographers can shoot with confidence, knowing that every image captured with their mirrorless cameras will be its own moment of truth. 

Main features 

  • A Full-Frame, super wideangle lens that performs with perfect compatibility in terms of design and form factor when attached to a Sony α7 series body.
  • The optical system adopts aspherical lens elements in the best positions in the optical design to reduce any type of aberration to a minimum in addition to 3 lenses molded from Super-low Dispersion glass that significantly reduces lateral chromatic aberrations.
  • The FíRIN lens has the ability to transmit aperture, distance and optical information to the camera making this lens fully suitable for the Sony α7 series camera’s MF assist function, in-cameras 5 axis image stabilizations and in viewfinder electronic distance scale.
  • A design devoted to manual shooting and cinema enthusiast that includes a wide manual focus ring, aperture ring and depth of field index bar.
  • De-Click Aperture function suitable for cinema/video shooting.
  • Luxurious use of high-precision Japanese-made metal parts and mechanisms.

Perfect match 
The FíRIN 20mm F2 lens is a compact form-factor super wide angle manual prime lens compatible with full-frame E-mount Sony mirrorless cameras. 


By adopting two all-glass precision molded aspherical elements and 3 Super-low Dispersion (SD) glass lens elements we succeeded in greatly reducing aberrations yielding images higher resolution and contrast. This optical design demonstrates Tokina’s decades of experience and traditions of excellence as an optics manufacturer merged with the application of new technologies. 


Anti-reflective coatings play an important role in the optical performance of the lens. In addition to the fact that all glass elements of the FíRIN 20mm F2 are multi-coated, considerable work has been done with the rear convex surfaces of the large G1 element. This element was very difficult to coat due to its complex shape. The Coatings are even on the contacting surfaces of the element combinations G6- G7 and G10-G11. All these small measures add up to reduce reflections and flare to an absolute minimum while increasing sharpness and contrast. 


Being a fully manual lens with a large focus ring, aperture ring and depth of field index bar, the ability to simultaneously transfer distance and aperture status to the camera give you full advantage to use the latest features of the A7 series such as 5-axis image stabilization, MF assist and the electronic distance scale. 

You can get the advantage of both strengths: excellent optical properties of the lens and outstanding camera image processing power. 

Exterior & Usability 

Carefully crafted high quality finishes and precisely engineered and manufactured metal parts give this lens the feel and performance of a premium optic. 

Attention to detail, finely machined and finished component, superb optical design and balanced ergonomics yield a lens that is as easy to use and good looking as the images it creates. Manual focus allows prefocus technique snapshots to be taken with easy using the advantage of the deep depth of field of this super-wide angle lens or open up to F2 to enjoy beautiful bokeh. 

For Cinematography 

FíRIN is not only for photography. With a press of the De-Click button on the aperture ring the lens declicks the aperture mechanism making it suitable for cinema/video use. 

Žarišna duljina: 20mm

Maks. otvor blende: F2
Min. otvor blende: F22
Konstrukcija (elementi/skupine): 13/11
Premazi: multi-layer
Kut gledanja: 92.66°
Najbliža udaljenost fokusiranja: 0.28m 
Maksimalan omjer povećanja: 1:10.29
Focusing mode: Internal focus
Broj listića blende: 9
Promjer filtera: 62mm
Max. vanjski promjer: 69mm
Dužina objektiva: 81.5mm
Podržani format senzora: 35mm puni format senzora
Težina objektiva: 490g
Sjenilo: BH-622 
Podržani bajonet: SONY E
Autofokus: Ne
Nosač objektiva za stativ: Ne
Optički stabilizator: Ne
Garancija: 24mj

Za više informacija o ovom proizvodu kliknite na ovaj link

Specifikacija objektiva
Promjer filtera: 62mm
Vrsta fotoaparata: Mirrorless Full Frame
Tip objektiva: Širokokutni
Veličina senzora: Full Frame
Maks. otvor blende: 2,0
Bajunet Sony E

IN TIME dostava

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  • Šifra proizvoda: TKOB-4961601634448
  • Raspoloživost: Na zalihi
  • 6.500,00Kn
  • 4.037,50Kn
  • Bez poreza: 3.230,00Kn