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Manfrotto Advanced TRI L Ruksak / Sling

Manfrotto Advanced TRI L Ruksak / Sling

Good things come three in one. Advanced Camera and Laptop Backpack Tri L for DSLR, features a three compartments-in-one solution, is lightweight and easy to carry in three different ways; as a sling bag, camera backpack, or in the “X” cross body position. Made of extra tough material to keep your gear safe and withstand the test of time. The bag can easily hold a pro DSLR with an attached 70-200/2.8 and a battery pack. There is also ample space for 4 additional lenses, or alternatively, a second spare body. The main camera backpack is split into two compartments and offers you plenty of space and adjustable padded compartment dividers that allow you to organise and secure your gear differently each time you are on the go, to suit your needs. For instance, in the one compartment a camera with or without a lens attached and three more lenses, or up to two whole camera kits can be stored with ease. In the second compartment accessories, such as; batteries, cables, cleaning cloths and camera cards, as well as personal items, such as; your phone, wallet, pad and pens, keys and more can be organised safely in designated zippered pockets and slide-in pouches, yet easily retrieved, while on the go, thanks to the smart opening and closing functions. A third, large, padded, external compartment keeps your 15” laptop unharmed, but within easy reach at all times. Strong straps on the front can keep a small tripod firmly in place. This smart 3-in 1camera backpack is delivered with a rain proof cover for protection against wet weather.

Model: MB MA-BP-TL
Kolekcija/Serija: Advanced
Tip torbe: Ruksak / Sling
Boja: Crna
Materijal: Nylon
Namjena: Mirrorless, Professional DSLR, Videocamera
Broj objektiva: 7
Držač za stativ: Da
Pretinac za privat.stvari: Da
Vanj. visina: 46 cm
Vanj. širina: 33 cm
Vanj. dubina: 26 cm
Unut. visina: 44 cm
Unut. širina: 29 cm
Unut. dubina: 18 cm
Laptop pretinac visina: 44 cm
Laptop pretinac širina: 29 cm
Laptop pretinac dubina: 4 cm
Pretinac za foto. visina: 28 cm
Pretinac za foto. širina: 29 cm
Pretinac za foto. dubina:18 cm
Težina: 1570 g

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Specifikacija torbe
Vrsta torbe Foto
Tip torbe: Ruksak
Serija/Kolekcija Advanced

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  • Šifra proizvoda: MB MA-BP-TL
  • Raspoloživost: Na zalihi
  • 942,64Kn
  • Bez poreza: 754,11Kn